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Little funnies and running gags from our trip

You know during a trip, there are always funny things that happen that is not really relevant to anyone but you and your travel partner(s). We decided to post them to remember the funny (or strange) memories we have of this trip.. We made this list throughout the trip so I'm just typing them up as we wrote them ealier this week.
- The guy at the front desk is a shorter version of Dr. Eric Foreman in the show "House"
- Italian men and their brigh orange, lime green or blood red slacks. Need I mention the speedos?
-Stumpy the cameleon has been our "pet" since the first day we arrived. The poor little guy is missing his tail and hangs out with a few friends just above our door every night.
- Pet number 2 is Scoobycat - The resork is also home to about a dozen cats (I know it sounds weird but it adds to the charm of the place. Scooby is a tiny grey cat with a fun personality who can eat the equivalent of his weight in chicken and ask for more.
-On valentine's day, we got 2 heart shapped cookies in our room. That night for our fancy (and pricey) V-day dinner on the beach our dessert was... (insert drum rolls here)... the exact same cookies with a little icing on them. That was so pathetic we laughed our butts off for 10 minutes and now we keep saying: "Mmmm, cookies" everytime we have dessert.
- David was half asleep one night while I was reading a book and out of nowhere, he looked at me and said: "Must brring brread to thee fish" with a spanish accent. Once I stopped laughing hysterically, I asked him if he was sleeping (he often talks in his sleep and most of it is pretty weird stuff). He looked at me very seriously and said: " I think I've just been possessed by the spirit of the fish from the reef" That became our tag line for the rest of our stay.
- There was an Italian couple in their 50's who came to sit at our table for dinner. TWICE in a week. It would have been fine if we could actually speak to them but they didn't speak a word of English.. And other then the name of a few pastas, we know absolutely no Italian... It was so uncomfortable and we just couldn't understand why they would decide to sit with us when there was at least 50 empty tables through the restaurant.
- The sun litteraly bleaches my eyebrows very blond and halfway through the week David started looking at me pretending to be seriously concerned and ask: "where are your eyebrows????" a few times a day to make fun of me. (And yes, you can see my lack of eyebrows in many pictures unless I'd decide to "paint them on")
- After getting bored of the rain, we invented a new game. All Canadians wear a red resort bracelet while Italian guests have blue ones.. but another easy way to tell them appart is by smilling at them. Canadians smile back every time while most Italian don't. That's how the smile competition started.. The person who gets the most smiles from the blue bracelets wins. I had to get smiles from the men and David from the women. Final score was 6-0. For me. The funniest part was seeing the confusion in their eyes while they looked at us grinning at them, keeping eye contact sometimes for as long as 5-6 seconds in hope of a point. :)
- The first time I saw squids while snorkling I screamed like a little girl. Those things are so creapy looking, they look like aliens to me and you just don't know if they're coming or going. David kept making a muffled sound of me screaming through my snorkle everytime we taked about squids after. Did I mention I'll never be able to eat squids ever again??
- The night of the fireshow, they had a big screen on the beach showing pictures. The first one we saw when we arrived on the beach is a Huge close up of my face. We have no idea when they took that picture of me but it was really strange to realize there was someone walking around with a camera secretly taking your picture while your on a beach vacation..
- It takes 1 Monkey La-la to get me.. humm.. lets call it extremely happy... I don't know if it's the 6 oz of booze in each glass, or the mix of sun and alcohol, or the fact that I HAVE to guzzle them down in less than 3 minutes (can't help myself, too yummy and refreshing) but I sure am a cheap date when it comes to those frozen little sips of heaven ;)
- We had many showers with NO hot water or no water pressure at all but even if it was frustrating to barely able to clean the sand between our toes every night, we couldn't even get ourselves to complain about it because we loved it so much..
- I will have total fried bananas withdrawals when we'll be back to the USA. I have a couple pieces at every meal. On the other hand, I don't think I'll ever be able to feed chicken and rice to David for at least a few months: He's been eating this for both lunch and dinner with a mini piece of pizza at every meal. Yeah.. We learned the hard way a 3 star resort means food quality of a high school cafeteria.

Posted by Rattrays 16:51

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