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Last days in Roatan

midnight parrotfish and baracuda

We opened our eyes to the sun peeking through the curtains on Tuesday. No more rain! YAY!! We went for breakfast as usual and saw Jorge, he is the restaurant supervisor at the resort. Such a nice man! First thing he said that morning was: Annik, I was waiting for you all night yesterday, you didn't come for dinner! So I told him we decided to go in West End for a change. Next thing I know, we're sitting down having breakfast and the whole restaurant staff was singing "happy birthday" (none of them at the same time - that was so precious!) and gave me a big chocolate cake that said happy birthday Anik with one candle on it. Then both Jorge and Lenny - who as been our waiter almost every day - gave me kisses on the cheeks a la French Canadian :) That was all so very nice of them! After both having a big piece of cake for breakfast, we went to soak up the sun for a couple hours then decided to give Archery a try. David had tried it before and was pretty good at it. I, on the other hand, right down sucked at it! Mind you the bow didn't have enough tension in the string and the arrows were all bent and old. So we laughed (at me) a lot and we both had a blast. We'll definitely have to try that again!
Then later as we were swimming around enjoying the first big waves of our trip, the sky got really grey and it started pourring again - and it never stopped until Wednesday morning.

It was still raining when we went for breakfast Wed. But we weren't losing hope. By the time we came back to the room, the sun was shinning!! So we grabbed our snorkling gear and went to the coral reef. While snorkling around we saw something big swimming in front of us. It happened to be 3 midnight parrotfish of about 2 1/2 feet long. They were big and chunky, dark blue (almost purple-ish) with wavy dorsal fins. Absolutely breathtaking!! I have to say that I find it quite startling to come face to face with big fish like that. My first reaction was to back up. Then David said "ake a ictu'e" through his snorkle. First response:"humm-mmm, you go take a picture!!" But then I thought off how ridiculous I was being and started swimming after them to take a picture. As I was ready to tell them to "say cheese" 2 of them... well... for lack of better explanation: pooped right in front of me??? So I decided to take the picture from a distance. I'm really hoping it will come out in the picture. They are beautiful! The next encounter was not as pleasant. Sitting there in the middle of the coral just waiting for someone to make a wrong move was Mr. Baracuda. I know some people say they are like dogs. But I don't see no wagging tails on those buggers!! At night, kids from the French Arbour school came to do a Folklore Honduro. They were really talented, me and David were just awed by them all!!

Today is our last day :( We're so bummed! It's mind boggling to us when people say 2 weeks on a the beach is too long. We could have stayed for another 2 - Although we might have had to get both our furry kids shipped down here because we really miss them! We woke up to the rain again this morning. Ick. We were pretty discouraged about that but again tried to keep our hopes up for the sun to show and it did late morning. So we got nicely red and crispy for our last day here then went back snorkling for the last time this winter. We saw a school of over 100 blue tangs.
They stopped for a bite to eat then were all swimming right in front of us single file. Again, the beauty was just mind blowing. We also saw what we guessed was a big black sea urchin, about the size of a softball with 4-6 inch spikes. Guess what he did? Yep - he pooped right at us!! Other than that, we saw the usual squirrelfish, needlefish, goatfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, royal gramma (hehe!), sergeant major along with the 100 more we couldn't find in the book a couple from Ontario loaned us. We can't wait to buy a more complete book to find more information about all the fish we discovered during this trip. Once we get home, I'll blog on some running gags and inside jokes from our trip (me and david have a big list of those) but for now, we will just go enjoy our last night here under the tropical stars.
Although it's sad to leave, we find comfort knowing that we will be back in Roatan someday (soon!!!) :)

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