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Scooter and rain

around the island

Saturday was scooter day!! $25 for 24 hours. No security deposit, no credid card needed, just a name. This really is a trusting island! Roatan is really small and narrow. It's about 4 miles by 37. We tried to cover as much of it as we possibly could. We soon realized there was only one paved road which covered about 2/3 of the island. At certain elevated points of the Island, you can see the ocean on both sides. The landscape we've seen while driving around was out of this world!! But it also is a 3rd world country, as you would expect we saw the irony of the absolute perfect location in a paradise island with a house we couldn't possibly imagine ourselves living in for one day! We drove for several hours, stopping to take in the beauty of the place many times. One place had a restaurant overlooking both sides of the ocean. Again, the beauty of the view is impossible to describe.. Which is probably the reason why the owners named the restaurant "the view". We decided to have a bite for lunch while admiring the brand new resort down by the water.
Coincidentally, we ended up chatting with the father of the 2 men developping this very upscale Nikki resort and spa. They are going after the big Hollywood stars and professional athletes as their exclusive guests. From what we could see from the restaurant, the view, and the details he was giving us, there is no doubt in our minds this place will be an unbelievable and successful resort. Ahh to have that kind of $$$... We would be first on the guests list!!
We continued our island tour and stopped at Turquoise Bay - no need to explain this one; the name says it all. Another gorgeous spot!!
We stopped on the side of the street in the middle of no where for some roasted corn.. Just 2 men roasting corn on the cob on a half barrell selling them for 10 Lempiras (.50) Not very good I have to say but many locals were stopping for it so we had to see what that fuss was all about :)
We made our way down to Oak Ridge, a little village where most houses were built over the water on stilts. They were hit by a big hurricane a couple years ago so you could see a lot of stilts with no more house attached to them. Pretty sad.. our last stop was French Harbour where we once again stopped to take a picture and a little girl ran from accross the street and asked me to take a picture of her. I did and showed her how pretty she looked on the camera and she was just thrilled! Then she skipped along after the scooter waiving at us. So cute!! It was the absolute perfect sunny day spent in the absolute perfect way! :)

Sunday started very cloudy in the morning and went from bad to worse. Our snorkling mission to find a turtle was again delayed. We still stayed on the beach in spite of the rain showers and moved under a palapa. I can officially say we are the biggest beach bums on this island. We stayed hoping for the sun to break until there was only the 2 of us left on the beach and the rain turned to a torrential downpour. We finally sprinted to our room when we accepted the sun simply took a day off. I had no choice but chuckle at myself when we got back to the room and my first instinct was to turn on the tv for entertainment even if I knew there is no cable in our room and the only English channel is so fuzzy we can't see or hear clearly. We spent the rest of the day in the lobby chatting with people, playing cards and ping pong. It ended up being a fun day even if the rain never stopped. Plus, if we would never get rainy days, we wouldn't appreciate the sunny ones quite as much ;)

Monday was another rainy day. Our plans for a perfect sunny b-day got rainned out but Rainny Roatan beats Chilly Canton everyday! :) it finally stopped raining around dinner time so we cabbed it to West End and tried "Tongs" a Thai restaurant right on the water. The food was pretty good and the location was great. We then ended up at the Sundowner for a few drinks, met a nice couple from Dallas and came back to the resort for a night cap.

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